Probed invest in Ken Mills De Dusting Drum

03 Mar 2015

ProProbed logobed owners first met directors of Ken Mills Engineering at the Lamma Show 2015 hosted at the East of England Show Ground in January. Despite the cold weather outside the Ken Mills stand was on fire, inundated with enquiries about our industry leading uniquely designed De Dusting Drum.

Owner of Probed/Probale Nigel Vickers was immediately impressed with our system and wanted to know more. Probed produce a natural warm and soft horse bedding product that is chopped and shredded rape haulm. The product is treated with an antibacterial agent which has been carefully chosen for use with horses. Its bitter taste discourages eating of the bed, while the unique blend of aromas aids the respiratory system.

dedusting small

Ken Mills De-Dusting Unit


Following the Lamma Show Nigel visited the Ken Mills Engineering Factory to run his product though our de dusting unit and was amazed at the result, previously Probed was triple de dusted using a large trommel. Upgrading to our highly efficient drum will improve the production process and the end product by removing upwards of 95% of mould and dust spores.

The Ken Mills drum will feed the existing baling line at a rate of 2.5 tonnes per hour of the rape straw bedding via the existing hammer mill feed system, the more streamlined equipment will also free up valuable space at their facility for more storage.

This is the second De-Dusting drum to have been purchased from connections we made at the Lamma Show 2015. We met many more interested visitors and we are looking forward to making them satisfied Ken Mills Engineering customers in the near future.

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Watch our De-Dusting Unit in action