Baler Installation in latvia

10 Feb 2015

Ken Mills recently installed a newly designed shavings baler system into a Latvian company.

This baler system comprises of a High efficiency dust extraction system (Delivery Drum). This removes upwards of 95% of dust and mould spores contained within wood shavings, hay, haylage, textile fibres etc. An automatic feed into a bulking hopper with incline feed conveyor up into a weigh conveyor.

The weigh conveyor automatically weighs the material passed to it and with specific set points controls the speed of the infeed conveyor, this ensures an accurate bale weight. Once the desired bale weight is achieved the material is fed into the 4 ram bagging press for compaction direct into a plastic bag. The system produces over 100 packs per hour of clean / dust free shavings into 20 kg bags.

The whole system was designed and manufactured in house at Ken Mills Engineering to suit the customer’s exact needs. The system as designed can also process Hay, Haylage, Straw etc.

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Lathorse shavings baler