New 100 packs\hr Haylage system into Derby.

26 Nov 2014

New 100 packs\hr Haylage system into Derby based producer.

KME Ltd has sold our latest Haylage packing system into Derby based producer. The machine works at a rate of 140 packs\hr  and can be linked together with a fully automatic ABB Robotic stacking system.

The New Haylage packing system has been redeveloped to maximise production and minimise electrical consumption. Our Haylage system is the lowest power consumption machine on the market. Our system runs on 50% less power than any competitor for the same throughput. Fact! We use the latest in high efficiency ABB motor drives to power our main hydraulic power packs. The average cost per bales to produce is less than 4p per bale.

Latest Video link to the new system.

New 140 packs per hr haylage packing system.
New 100 packs per hr haylage packing system.

Process Description:-

• The large square / round bales of Haylage, hay or straw would be placed onto the walking floor and the wrapping and ties removed from the bales. The walking floor is capable of holding up to 6 off large bales. (this may vary depending on the size of bales used)

• The material would then feed into the bale breaking system where a spiked conveyor and a special ‘Doffing’ system would thin the material out suitable for weighing.

• The material feeds onto the weigh conveyor where the system automatically weighs out approx. 20 kg of the loose material.

• Once the weight is achieved the weigh conveyor automatically feeds the weighed material direct into the packing unit.

• The packing unit compresses the material down into the finished sizes pack direct into a plastic bag with nominal measurements of 600 x 400 x 220mm.

• The bag is then manually sealed using a special twin seal heat sealing unit.

• Capacity of the system is up to approx. 140 haylage packs per hour.

haylage pack
Pallet of haylage bales
Haylage baler made by KME Made in Britain.
Haylage baler made by KME Made in Britain.

All our equipment is designed to suit customer requirements and can be made to suit any application.

We also manufacture Mill sizes balers, Twin ram balers Haylage systems, MRFs, Textile balers and shredders.

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