Cumbria Waste Group invests in new facility

10 Feb 2015

Cumbria Waste Group (CWG) is investing more than £500,000 to build a new waste baling facility at its Hespin Wood site, near Carlisle.


Cumbria WasteCumbria Waste Group is investing in a new baling facility which will include a baler from Ken Mills

The waste baler, being supplied by Ken Mills, will compact recyclables such as cardboard, plastics and cans, making them easier to store and transport. As well as reducing waste disposal costs for its customers, it will also mean CWG can generate extra income for customers through the sale of this material on the recycling markets, the company explained.

The baler, which can process six tonnes of waste per hour, will compact material collected from doorstep collection rounds, bring sites and commercial contracts and processed by CWG’s £1.25 million materials recycling facility, which opened last year.

Mike Bareham, Cumbria Waste Group managing director, said: “We are continually seeking new ways to improve the recycling process and through investment in new technology like this we are not only saving our customers money, we are also helping them to meet their environmental responsibilities as well.

“The baler produces highly compacted, clean bales of waste material, such as cardboard and plastics, which can then be sold on the recycling markets and, in some cases, provide a customers with a rebate on their waste.”