FFS hay switch grass

Form Fill & Seal Canada

02 Nov 2023

KME Ltd machinery is getting global recognition our form fill & seal units are proving very popular within the agricultural sector. One of our latest installs happened in Ontario, Canada.

Our customer offers premium agricultural products including hay and switchgrass bedding. Switchgrass is a sustainable alternative bedding for horses, cows and other livestock with hypoallergenic properties.

bales of switch grass ready for transport  rebaled by KME form fill & seal unit
Full pallet of switch grass bales

KME were approached by our customer to help improve their bedding product, by utilising our unique dust extraction unit. Another main focus of our customer was labour saving equipment. Manual lifting and moving was becoming difficult due to high demand and large volumes of product passing through their warehouse.

The solution was clear for KME and we installed a fully automatic form fill & seal unit with robot stacker, pallet loaded and wrapper. This system allowed minimal input from staff but maximised output.

For processing the switch grass bedding KME also added a shredder to run alongside the dust extraction unit. When processing straw the system diverts the product into the shredder. It is then directly pulled through the de-dusting system. The hay bypasses the shredder and travels directly to the dust extraction.

The dust extraction unit removes >95% of dust from the switch grass and hay, ensuring the end product is the best quality for the livestock that eat it.

FFS system for switch grass and Hay

The KME form fill & seal units are suitable for many products and can be shipped worldwide. KME have been designing anf manufacturing agricultural machinery like this for over 25 years.

If you cant see the machinery you are looking for in our product range please get in touch with the team. KME can design bespoke machinery : +44(0)1706 756500 info@kenmills.co.uk