refurbished waste baler

Refurbished Machinery

17 Jan 2023

KME Ltd have been manufacturing waste and recycling machinery for decades. Alongside new machinery KME also offer full refurbishment. Purchasing new machinery can be very expensive. Refurbished machinery could be a cost effective solution if you already have an existing Baler.

Aries twin ram baler in for refurbishment - waste baler well used
Old Aries twin ram baler in for refurbishment

If your KME baler is looking tired or ready for pastures new why not bring it back to life.

refurbished machinery - aries twin ram baler uk
refurbished machinery process onsite at KME Ltd

Refurbish Machinery will undergo a full overhaul. Stripped back to its shell by the engineers that built it. Shot blasted to remove the existing paint. Then rebuild begins paying attention to any wear and tear. Once repaired it heads off for a fresh layer of paint. The end baler will look and feel brand new.

Any machinery that is sent out of the factory whether it is new or refurbished, is tested to the highest level. Making sure that it can withstand heavy consistent use at the customers site. With over 100 Aries twin ram balers setup across the globe, the KME team are always on hand. Managing onsite repairs or able to offer full refurbishment to extend a balers longevity.

A cost effective way to optimise your output. With genuine/reliable parts from the original manufacturer of the baler.

If you have a KME ltd baler that needs a new lease of life get in touch with the team today – 01706 756500 –