Recycled Clothing Machinery

15 Feb 2024

T100 revolver with mutilator and bin tipper, KME’s latests install for one of Europes leading recycled clothing collectors.

textile balers for export of recycled clothing

The recycled clothing giant approached KME mid 2023 looking for new machinery to increase their productivity. Processing nearly 90,000 tonnes of textiles per annum they needed the right kit.

The decision was made to install 3 identical systems across three of their 12 sites. Comprising of T100 revolving baler fed by a 9 blade mutilator and bin tipper.

The bin lift/tippers were designed & built to hold their specific size cages. Once the recycled textiles are fed to the bulking hopper via the bin lift, they are transferred through the mutilator. Here they are cut with the blades before being baled by the T100 revolving baler.

The T100 Bale press is designed for the high throughput of textiles. With Nearly continuous production due to its two baling chambers, its is a perfect fit for this busy environment.The bales produced are high density and help maximise container loads for export.

Many foreign countries such as India require all second hand clothing imports to be mutilated before crossing the border. The mutilated textiles are then re-spun into yarn for producing new items. The KME mutilator is low maintenance, easily installed and with its Walking floor feed ensures accuracy of mutilation and constant flow of material.

Take a look at the system running in our factory before installation. Click the image below to watch.