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Material Recycling Facility Wales

06 Jul 2023

Take a look at the latest material recycling facility designed and installed by the KME team. Installed at a welsh council site.

materials recycling facility designed and insrtalled by KME UK
Initial MRF drawing

This new container recycling MRF processes dry mixed recyclables such as film, plastic and cans. A KME Aries twin ram baler bales the sorted waste, producing high density bales. The new MRF allows the council to improve their operational and financial working.

The MRF is designed so that it can be easily modified in the future. Allowing the council to add optical sort technology if required.

This material recycling facility designed & installed by the team at KME gives the latest technology to the council. To accomplish the desired throughput KME integrated technology from other companies :

BRT HARTNER for the bag splitter and ballistics
Storage Concepts Ltd for the cabins
Bunting for the eddy current and over band
Ken Mills Engineering Ltd for the design, structure, conveyors, Twin ram baler & installation.

The video below shows the final MRF setup with material flow and segregation.

KME know that every materials recycling facility (MRF) is unique based on the customers needs. No two clients have the same warehouse space, types/volume of waste material to process, or end quality requirements.

KME design, build and service all our Material recycling facilities. Each bespoke facility is equipped to the exacting requirements of each customer. We aim to optimise your value of output materials, reduce processing costs, improve performance giving greater return on investment.

If you would like to discuss a new MRF have a chat with our friendly team. no facility is too small for us to design (or too big!) +44(0)1706 756500

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