miscantus bedding system

Miscanthus Bedding Line

04 May 2023

KME ltd are leaders in animal bedding and forage baling systems. One of our latest systems has been installed in north wales to process miscanthus.

Our customers are leading the way with sustainability on their family run farm. Boasting 1500 solar panels, biomass boilers to heat their homes and premises & growing an incredibly environmentally friendly and sustainable crop. As well as rearing a quality herd of both Original Population and Polled Hereford Cattle!

Miscanthus acts as a superior bedding for animals including horses, poultry, cattle and pets. Its spongy inner core is highly absorbent, biodegradable and hygienic, compared to other traditional bedding products.

miscanthus bedding system by KME
Miscanthus bedding system

Miscanthus is a perennial grass with bamboo-like stems that can grow to heights of 13 feet in one season. It grows on marginal land and is highly water-efficient and non-invasive making it an ideal crop for many farmers looking to transition away from traditional low-value crops. Because of its incredible deep roots, it is considered one of the world’s best carbon-sequestering grasses.

Miscanthus bales from a KME system
Miscanthus bales

The KME system that has been installed consists of : bale breaker, shredder, hammer mill, dust extraction & bulking hopper. This system can be fed by large round or sqaure bales through the bale breaker. Or can be fed pre-chopped product directly into the hopper.

The end bales are 20kg and dust free perfect for sale to horse owners!