container MRF design

MRF Win for KME

25 Jul 2022

KME Ltd have just been awarded a new Material Recycling Facility contract, with a council in south Wales. The council went out to tender to find a new supplier to design and build their new container MRF facility. KME are proud to have achieved this MRF win.

With stiff competition in the tender process, KME came out on top and were selected as new suppliers. The MRF site is scheduled to be operational by March 2023, with install and commissioning happening early next year.

The councils present MRF setup is old and outdated with unsuitable machinery for processing their recyclables. To optimise their throughput and meet / exceed their recycling targets they needed to upgrade. KME designed the ideal future-proofed facility.

new material recycling facility (MRF) for south wales council. Processing plastic and can waste. Including twin ram baler
New Container MRF

The new container recycling MRF will be processing plastic and cans. The facility will include film separation and bag opening technology. A range of sort conveyors with eddy current and overband magnet. Once sorted the material will be baled by an Aries twin ram baler, to produce high density bales.

The MRF has been designed so that it can be easily modified in the future. Allowing the council to add optical sort technology if required.

The MRF will be fully serviced and maintained by KME ltd. This is KME’s latest MRF win with potentially more on the horizon for next year.

If you are looking for new machinery for your MRF site get in touch with our team – 01706 756500