Textile bale breaker with Metal Detection

10 Jun 2019

The latest development for KME Ltd in the textile sector is the above Textile bale breaker. It includes dual metal detection units. The breaker separates bales of recycled textiles using a spiked belt which collects the textiles from a walking floor. The spikes are leveled off with a ‘doffer unit’ keeping the feed consistent, accurate and even.

Once a bale is broken apart the loose textiles are dropped onto a split transfer conveyor. This conveyor passes through the metal detection units, there are two metal detection units allowing greater throughput rates (2 tonnes per hour). Items with metal detected are rejected by air separation into an isolation bin the clean metal free items are collected are passed onto a bagging press. In this instance it was a KME ltd K5 and K12 producing 5kg & 12kg packs.

The new system was tried and tested here in the UK and installed in Texas, USA. We are currently in the process of building our 2nd system. This will include : bale breaker, double metal detection units, transfer conveyor to baling Press. The new system will transfer the clean textiles directly to the press rather than a collection bin for manual transfer.

To view the Recycled Textile Bale breaker with metal detection please visit our YouTube channel by clicking the image below.

Recycling Textiles