Scotland Mini MRF

24 Apr 2024

Mini Mrf install scotland by Ken mills engineering Ltd

The Scottish sun shone on our team of mechanical fitters this week. While installing our latest, bespoke made Mini MRF. Teaming up with Blue Group Scotland and Tomra on this project for Cireco Scotland.

Cireco Scotland work with everyone from businesses – big and small – and local authorities, to individual households to create simple solutions for waste and provide the best value for money. They are a commercial enterprise backed by Fife Council and the only Tier 1 Scottish company.

This collaboration brings together extensive industry experience and innovative solutions to enhance recycling capabilities and efficiency in Scotland.

KME were brought in to design the MRF layout to improve Cirecos production. Installing infeed conveyors, platforms and bunker systems, also designing the accelerator conveyor for feeding the Tomra sort system. Improvements in materials recycling facilities (MRFs) are essential for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of recycling processes.

Ken Mills Engineering Ltd. (KME Ltd.) is renowned for its waste and recycling machinery. By helping companies meet waste targets, KME Ltd.’s machinery can generate income streams and systemize operations.

This new Materials recycling facility will improve the sorting of their recyclables, the new machinery will reduce downtime and make processing material faster – making the facility stay competitive and meet market demands. These improvements not only contribute to the economic viability of the recycling facility but also support broader environmental goals by maximizing resource recovery and minimizing waste.