30 Apr 2019

We are pleased to announce we are once again members of the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles (SMART) Association. It has been a few years since we renewed our membership but we are excited to showcase our new technology with the associations members.

Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles (SMART) Association
The Association of Wiping Materials, Used Clothing and Fiber Industries Since 1932

As an international trade association, SMART strengthens the economic opportunities of its diverse membership by promoting the interdependence of the for-profit textile recycling industry segments and provides a common forum for networking, education and advocacy. SMART members use and convert recycled and secondary materials from used clothing, commercial laundries and nonwoven, off spec material, new mill ends and paper from around the world. SMART member companies create thousands of jobs worldwide. Its members prove each day that they can make money by being socially responsible.

SMART companies acquire both unused and used (pre-and post-consumer) textiles for reuse and recycling purposes. There are two core business models for its membership that includes both the pre-consumer and post-consumer markets.

All sectors of the industry realize the benefits of being a part of an international trade association dedicated to serving and promoting this dynamic industry.

Our machinery is perfect for many textile recycling facilities
Our machinery is perfect for many textile recycling facilities