Stramit Straw-Board finds new use for KME’s haylage breaking system!

05 May 2015




Stramit Straw-board is the World’s Most Environmentally Friendly Building Material. As world opinion increasingly understands the need for recycling and sustainability, especially with building materials, the Stramit process and Stramit Straw Board products are truly right for the times.

Stramit Straw-board is manufactured from straw such as wheat or rice by a patented process of heat and pressure that fuses the straw using its internal resins, making it a completely natural product. Stramit is produced by continuous extrusion, has a tough, bonded external surface of recycled paper and is typically 35mm to 60mm thick.

Stramit China has recently purchased 2 Ken Mills straw bale breakers to feed their existing straw board manufacturing process. The bale breaking feed system is a proven technology which has been working haylage and straw for over 15 years. This technology is now being integrated more and more into the sustainable energy sector.

Stramit contacted KME Ltd after they found their video on YouTube of the Haylage system opening & reprocessing large bales of Haylage into smaller 20kg packs. They saw potential for the bale breaking system to help simplify their old design feeding process allowing an improved overall system with higher efficiency giving more variability\consistency.

New 140 packs per hr haylage packing system.

Ken Mills Haylage Breaker

The Ken Mills feeding system will help to supply the Stramit board manufacturing line at a rate of 2.5 tons per hour. The new and improved feeding system uses a pneumatic de-dusting drum that removes all the dust, grit and mould spores from the straw making it a cleaner and dust free product which helps the machines longevity as cleaning, maintenance & wear will be reduced.

Stramit is proven in a variety of applications and market conditions throughout the world and offers much greater versatility compared with alternatives. As a truly ‘green’ product, Stramit is the ideal answer to many of today’s building requirements.

The inherent strength, durability and comparative load bearing qualities of Stramit strawboard, give architects and builders a product they can specify and rely on. This is especially important when high levels of fire resistance; heat and sound insulation are required, making Stramit particularly suitable for affordable housing projects.