Textile machinery for Japan

07 Sep 2022

Our latest install has just taken place in Japan, a duo of textile bale breaking & baling machinery. Our new customer is a leader in providing varying protective equipment. As well as processing used clothing and recycled waste cloth.

textile bale breaker with metal detection & textile bale breaker with bin lift and bagging press
Textile breaking and baling machinery

After seeing our textile machinery on YouTube the customer quickly got in touch to line up their new equipment.

Textile bale breaker with metal detection
Bale breaker with metal detection

What we installed..

The new machinery consists of an initial bale breaker with metal detection. The waste textiles are deposited onto the breakers walking floor. Which is then fed to a spiked belt. The spike belt breaks apart the loose or baled textiles/cloth. This thins out the material and creates a steady feed to the conveyor which passes under the metal detector.

Any pieces of fabric that contains metal such as zips, pins, buttons, studs etc are automatically rejected and put into a reject container. The clean material is collected in a separate container for further processing.

The second unit is a bale breaker with a K4 wiper bagging press. This breaker is fed by a bin lift that tips in the loose clean uncontaminated textiles. This breaker feeds the textiles onto a weigh conveyor. Once the weight reaches 4kg the rags are transferred to the bagging press. Here the wiping rags are bagged ready for sale.

Textile machinery for breaking and rebaling bales of waste cloth
Bale breaker with Bin lift and K4 wiper bagging press

Happy customer…

“We are happy and are very excited that output will be increased and it could help our sales. We really appreciate your engineers efforts and support for the installation machine.

Oliver and Joshua’s attention to the installation and kind instruction have been outstanding.

It is my sincere hope we may have the opportunity to increase more machines in the near future.”

YJ, Jeon

This has been a fantastic install for the KME team. If you are looking for waste textile processing machinery please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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