UBC install at Heineken

17 Aug 2018

UBC Beer can baling at its best

Ken Mills Engineering Ltd have recently manufactured and installed a new fully automatic UBC baler for Heineken. Capable of producing up to 100 20kg bales per hour. 

UBC baler for Aluminium cans

UBC Baler onsite at Heineken


UBC baler Machine Specification :

  • 40 tons max. ram pressure.
  • Large feeding hopper to suit bulk feeding from conveyor / MRF system.
  • Feed hopper opening is 800 x 800 mm with top flange 2 metres above ground.
  • 380 x 380 x up to approx. 150mm long bale size, Exact length of bale would be dependent on the loose volume of the cans being fed into the machine.
  • Bale weight of the finished bale would vary depending on the type of material but as a guide a steel bale would weigh in the region of 10 to 20kg. Dependent on the machine settings.
  • Machine can be set for multiple compression’s before the final bale is made.
  • Production on the 11kw baler is up to 750kg (dependent on the condition of material). I.e. If flattened cans are fed into the machine the production rate would be higher than if full cans are fed into the unit.
  • Internal surfaces of the chamber are manufactured from high wear resistant Abro 400 steel to prolong the life of the machine and the base of the machine and the top of the pressing ram are slotted to prevent flatten lids of cans entering the rear of the machine.
  • Standard machine is 11 kW main motor drive. (increase to 18.5kw for increase production)