Haylage rebaler

Rebaler for Welsh Farmers

06 Jul 2020

KME install Another great agricultural facility in North Wales for a new to market small bale producer. The client has been producing quality forage for the past 20 years in the traditional large bale style but saw a gap in the market for a rebaler to produce small 20kg Ken Mills bales for their area. After site visits and discussions about our rebaler we designed their perfect machine.

“We have been farming sheep and beef for over 40 years and during this time, like many others we have needed to expand and diversify which has led us to providing quality natural products that we are very proud of. “

The rebaler system will be processing haylage, hay and straw utilising their existing product range. The facility will be fed large bales, breaking them up & de-dusting if required. Their products are suitable for horses, ponies, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and more.

KME rebaler systems for large bales to convert to small bales
New Hay, haylage & straw processing plant

This KME Ltd rebaling facility will be producing upto 140 pack per hour which is our mid range speed. The system can be loaded with 6 large bales on its walking floor and can take large square and round bales without changing settings. The bales are moved to the bale breaker section which has a spiked belt to pull the bale apart, above the spike belt is a doffer unit which keeps the feed of product consistent. The system then has some directional options depending on the product :

HAYLAGE is weighed and then passed to the baling chamber for bagging

HAY & STRAW is passed through to the delivery drum and upwards of 95% of dust, mould and contaminants are removed before being transferred to the weigh conveyor and then the baling chamber.

KME systems now have the option of bale finishings : bagged, strapped or wrapped in a sleeve.

rebaler for haylage, hay, straw

So why choose a KME rebaling system?

  1. These easy to manage bags are ideal for end users to handle and the perfect size for single horse owners to take to competitions.
  3. High Production rates, from 100 – 180 packs per hour, quick to package requires just one bag (doesn’t require 6 layers like a field wrapped bale)
  4. packaging is advertising for your brand of haylage potentially generating further enquiries and sales
  5. seals in nutritious dust free forage for all horse types from native ponies through to top end competition horses.
  6. KME produce the best rebaling systems on the market & are built for hard work and a long life.