wood shavings robot stacking

ABB Robot stacking Lay-soft wood shaving

03 Feb 2016

ABB robot Making wood shaving Pallet Stacking Painless!

Ron Hull & Sons Farm, producers of LAY-SOFT EQUINE HORSE AND ANIMAL BEDDING have recently bought an ABB robot from Ken Mills Engineering. The purchase of the robot is to help with loading and stacking their pallets of wood shaving.

wood shaving animal bedding bales

The ABB robot can stack upto 400 packs per hour making each pallet uniform to the same height and pattern required. It never gets tired or has a day off whilst being low cost to run.

robot stacking haylage

Lay-Soft Equine, Horse and Animal Bedding is a soft chip bedding that moves very little making it a hygienic comfortable, warm bed for the horse. It is dust-extracted and super-absorbent – making it a cleaner, healthier solution for drier stables whilst also helping “mucking out”.

Lay-Soft is processed on-site at Ron Hull Farm’s Wood Recycling plant to form a clean, safe, highly-absorbent, dust-free bedding especially suited for horses, with additional built-in insulation properties for keeping them warm.


dust free wood shaving animal bedding

Better Quality with KME

Not only can we remove dust and dirt from the product we can remove other contaminants such as stones, splinters, large wood chunks & mold. Making a superior end bedding choice for any purchaser, our systems can remove large pieces & small depending on the original product and producers requirements leaving you with large flake shavings or small flake shavings for example.


watch our density separation facility in action here