Aries Twin ram baler for Shred Station

08 Mar 2014

Shred Station takes delivery of their New Aries 100 XL twin ram baler.

Shred station is about to take delivery of new their Aries Twin Ram Baling machine, manufactured by Ken Mills Engineering Ltd. The baler is being installed at their Norwich Depot which has recently been full refurbished. These fully automatic baling machines replace old worn out semi automatic machines. The new balers enabled Shred station to minimise storage space required for the incoming materials and bale far more efficiently, reducing time and staffing levels.

twin ram baler

Aries twin ram baler with infeed conveyor

The Aries  balers and conveyors are designed and built in house, in the UK by Ken Mills Engineering. All equipment is designed using the latest in 3D modelling techniques helping to design and manufacture more efficiently.


aries twin ram baler baling shredded paper

Aries twin ram baler for shredded paper

Also installed at their sites are the newly designed infeed chain conveyors. This new design enables the conveyor to be serviced easily and the conveyor belt is fitted with a rubber side wall stopping debris entering inside the inner workings of the conveyor reducing the need for costly cleaning\maintenance. Our balers and chain conveyors are designed to suit customer requirements.


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Aries baler at Shred Station